RPPR B-Sides Volume 5: Gaming Gains

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Who says gaming can’t be exercise? Lifting heavy games like Red Markets, Eclipse Phase, Base Raiders, and Zweihander can be quite the workout! In this volume of RPPR B-Sides, you’ll find playtests of games in development, unique indie storytelling games and more. You won’t get these actual play episodes on RPPR Actual Play. We record so many games that we can’t fit everything on the podcast but for all you AP fanatics, here’s your chance for even more!

Highlights of Gaming Gains include:

Ross’ first time running Zweihander! The King of Poison features a cast of travelers stranded on a remote island run by an eccentric King who rules through fear and…mushrooms?? Learn the secrets of the island and see if the travelers escape!

Slingstone is a superhero-slaying game in development created by Caleb Stokes. In this two part game, based on a unique setting, a group of normal humans attempt to assassinate a powerful superhuman with nothing more than their wits and will.

Delta Green Castle Window is a scenario run by Tom Church about the secrets of an abandoned military research project from World War 2. Secrets buried in the desert are about to break out…

Derail is a fourth-wall-breaking storytelling game in development from Shaun Greenwald. Characters are aware they are in a movie and must use this knowledge to survive.

Honey Heist is a one page RPG about bears who steal honey. Caleb ran a group of us through a daring heist to steal haunted honey. 

This volume of B-Sides will become a free download in February 2022. It took 2 years to gather enough games for this volume, so we are switching to a 2 year interval for future B-Sides volumes.


RPPR-Alas-Vegas.mp3 – The first and only session of a failed Alas Vegas campaign. Alas Vegas is a full game with its own campaign built it, based on 4 players in 4 sessions, each rotating roles as GMs. Scheduling issues caused this campaign to fail.

RPPR-All-Part-of-the-Plan.mp3 – A playtest of a Profit system heist game.

RPPR-Base-Raiders-Criminal-Playtest.mp3 – Tom’s playtest of a bank heist criminal game using the Base Raiders rules.

RPPR-Base-Raiders-Incorporeal-Body-Problem.mp3 – A Base Raiders game I ran for Jeff Barber and his friends.

RPPR-Conspire.mp3 – An indie storytelling game about creating a conspiracy.

RPPR-Delta-Green-Castle-Window.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Delta-Green-Playtest-in-Progress.mp3 - A playtest of a Delta Green scenario run by Dennis Detwiller. Recording begins after the game is in progress. Recorded at Gen Con a few years ago.

RPPR-Derail-Playtest1.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Derail-Playtest2.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Devil-John-Moulton-Lonesome-Valley.mp3 – Another run of this indie weird western horror RPG.

RPPR-Eclipse-Phase-Get-Lucky.mp3 – an Eclipse Phase 2E one shot I ran for some friends who were in town for a local gaming convention.

RPPR-Honey-Heist.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Lords-of-Undead.mp3 – a storytelling game I created. The rules are available on the RPPR Patreon.

RPPR-Red-Markets-Le-Corbusier.mp3 – A playtest of a Red Markets scenario.

RPPR-Red-Markets-Mass-Combat-Playtest.mp3 A playtest of mass combat rules for Red Markets. Run by Jason and played by Caleb and Ross.

RPPR-Skeletons.mp3 – A storytelling game about being undead skeletons guarding a tomb over the centuries.

RPPR-Slingstone-Playtest1.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Slingstone-Playtest2.mp3 – Described above.

RPPR-Tall-Pines.mp3 – A storytelling card game about a murder mystery in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.

RPPR-Zweihander-King-of-Poison.mp3 – Described above.

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RPPR B-Sides Volume 5: Gaming Gains

3 ratings
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